Kealani Designs

A one-of-a-kind person, creating one-of-a-kind art.

One-of-a-kind & uniquely made

Each piece of art made by Kealani is hand-crafted. You can wear or display your art knowing your piece(s) are completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

  • Pendleton, Reimagined

    Pendleton styles, reimagined as earrings

    Pendleton, Reimagined 
  • The Faux Ceramic Collection

    Funky ceramic styles

    Faux Ceramic Styles 
  • Boho Styles

    Boho dreams do come true… in the form of checkered, mudcloth, and ribbed textures

    Boho Styles 
  • Faux Gemstones

    The beauty of gemstones meets the lightweight and durable strength of polymer clay

    Faux Gemstones 
  • Black & White Art

    I’ve recently been enjoying black and sepia pens as a new medium. My love for the outdoors and wildflowers truly shines in these one-of-a-kind sketches.

    Black & White Prints